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Why Choose Us?


When you buy into our services you can be certain you will get a reliable service 24 hours a day. All of our products are top of the range so you know that your equipment will last. We also pride ourselves on excellent customer services so you can feel assured when you need to contact us.


We are a well established company with an excellent reputation that has been built up over years of hard work. We provide specialist, bespoke security systems that comply with current regulations. Our manned security team are trained to deliver a safe and secure service for you.


We have a client base that covers all areas across West Yorkshire and more including Bradford, Leeds, Halifax and Huddersfield. We have built our client base up by giving a great service at competitive rates. See what some of our clients have to say here.

CCTV Installation & Monitoring


We offer a bespoke CCTV survey and installation to meet the needs of residential and commercial customers. CCTV monitoring services provide you with peace of mind. And with Shield Secure Solutions monitoring your CCTV systems you can feel reassured that you have a 24/7 security solution in place that’s managed by highly skilled personnel.

Remotely monitored CCTV deters intruders and immediate action is always taken to minimise both risk and damage. With unmonitored CCTV, footage can only be reviewed retrospectively: after the damage has been done.

Do not wait for a crime to happen before you take action. Make sure your home is secure and safe now and contact us today.


Access Control

All sites, regardless of their size and environment, have assets they need to protect from theft, unauthorised access and damage. Shield Secure Solutions access control monitoring provides that necessary protection. With the use of CCTV surveillance cameras you can visually verify the identity of individuals requesting access to your premises. You can then control entry and exit for authorised personnel and denial of access to unwanted visitors.


Access control allows you to:


  • Monitor entries and exits: Access control allows you to monitor who is entering and exiting your premises, and when they are doing so – keeping you informed at all times.

  • Workforce protection: Your workforce will be protected from intruders attempting to enter your premises. With access control your workforce will be reassured knowing that only authorised personnel will be on site.

  • 24/7 access for operational efficiency: Does your site need to be accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for delivery drivers? Access control allows you to maintain the highest quality security, whilst still allowing your business to run efficiently.


Intruder Alarms (Burglar Alarms)

Monitored intruder and fire alarms provide you with peace of mind. No matter what sort of property you want to protect, monitored alarms will ensure there is always someone ready to respond in an emergency.


  • Homes: Feel reassured in the knowledge that when you set your alarm every morning a Shield Secure Solutions operator is prepared to respond in case of an emergency. If an alarm is raised whilst the alarm system is activated, Shield Secure Solutions will act swiftly to contact either yourself or nominated parties, the person you have chosen to have a key to your property or the relevant emergency services.

  • Commercial properties: Many commercial properties, such as offices or shops, will lock their doors at the end of the day. You’ll need to know, immediately, if unauthorised access or a fire is putting your property at risk. A monitored intruder and fire alarm system will do just that and contact the relevant emergency services and your key holder.

  • A site in need of both CCTV and alarm monitoring services: Many sites will have both CCTV and fire and intruder alarms. This combination of security measures is highly effective, especially as several fire and police services in the UK now require emergencies to be visually verified after an alarm has sounded.




Manned Security

Shield Secure Solutions offer a bespoke product offering for each customer; our uniformed teams of security officers undertake a wide range of complementary duties, from patrolling a building and manned guarding to reception and customer service. We can integrate any electronic security product you need into a complete, tailored solution to meet your security needs. We can offer the highest quality security solutions to address your security needs, whatever your requirement. 

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